The Low Down on Electrical Certificates

One of my Landlords recently told me that they hear and read so much conflicting advice about whether or not they need an Electrical Certificate for their rental property and asked me what the law says

There is NO law to say that you must have your electrical installation tested in your rental property.

However, there IS a law which states that you have to make sure that YOUR property is SAFE. It’s called the Consumer Protection Act 1987

Did you know that if an electrical fault causes injury, damage or death to human, property or animal, this may constitute a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act 1987?

The Government have announced this week that they are introducing a mandatory requirement for landlords in the Private Rented Sector to ensure electrical installations are inspected every five years. This is part of their plans to drive up standards and reduce injuries and fires caused by electrical faults

I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, this should have been introduced back in 1997 with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations Act.

In fact, I’ve never understood why Electrical Inspections for rental properties aren’t mandatory. But this is about to change and I would suggest that if you have a rental property, you should be thinking about getting an Inspection done now so you can assess and budget for any work that needs to be done so that your property is SAFE and CERTIFIED

What a priceless piece of paper to have if something were to go wrong and you were faced with charges, a banning order and penalties!  More importantly, you could save someone’s life by having that inspection and certificate

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