Rent and Legal Cover

We are delighted to advise you of a valuable new service that we can now offer to you – Take away the worry of not being paid your rent with our Rental Guarantee Service.


1 in 3 Landlords will experience a tenant who doesn’t pay


With these tough economic times, ensuring a regular rental income is very important. According to the National Landlords Association, 1 in 3 landlords will experience a tenant who defaults. Not only can this leave you with a large financial problem, it can be costly and complicated to evict a tenant.


Guarantee your rental income


We take care in referencing your tenants. Referencing provides a snapshot of a tenant’s recent credit history and current financial status but it can’t predict the future. As we all know, circumstances can change. We can guarantee your rental income following non payment by your tenant. Our Rental Guarantee provides :-




To give you further peace of mind, we have insured this rental protection with a leading provider who will also provide the legal cover in the event of a claim up to £100,000.


It costs much less than you think


Prices start from just £200.00 for 12 months protection. Just imagine how much it would cost you if your tenant stopped paying and wouldn’t leave the property. For a fraction of your annual rental income, you can relax, knowing that your rent will be paid.


To find out more or to arrange immediate cover, please contact us on 01395 222365 and we will be happy to help.


This service is only available for properties which are fully managed by this firm.