Landlord : I’m undecided whether to allow pets into my rental property. What happens if there’s any damage?

This is one of my “Frequently Asked Questions” when I’m talking to Landlords and something worth giving some time and careful consideration

Some landlords are MORE than happy to agree to having pets in their rental property but more often than not, there are those that aren’t. There could well be several reasons why some prefer to keep an “animal free zone”. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience and had a huge clean up bill, maybe they’ve had disgruntled neighbours over a yapping dog, some damage to the carpets and door frames or a whiffy odour to contend with. Or maybe, they’ve been left with a flea infestation to deal with before the next tenants move in – got you itching now haven’t I! I think it’s fair to say that these are all valid reasons for saying “No thank you” to pets

But if you’re a Landlord with a sizeable home to rent that’s perhaps in a town, near a school then you’ll attract a family and occasionally, some four legged friends!

But here’s the thing – most pet owners are responsible people. Their animals are clean, well looked after and let’s face it, some are spoilt divas who get their owners catering to their every whim! We are a Nation of animal lovers, spending hundreds of pounds every year on our pets – bedding, accessories, grooming, treats, even outfits!

Let’s face it, families with pets can make super long term tenants. For a Landlord, longer term tenants means continuity of rent, less void periods and less wear and tear moving furniture in and out every few months. We get numerous enquiries every single day from people with pets, struggling to find a suitable property to rent. Some are upset and frustrated for they have been searching for what seems like months without success.

There is no doubt in my mind that with a larger deposit in place, a guarantee of a steam clean and de-flea treatment on vacation, coupled with a detailed inventory supported with photographs, you are better equipped to accept pets

After all, being pet friendly may well be your purrfect opportunity to be pawsitively rewarded with a long and happy tenancy!

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