Ever stayed awake at night worrying?

One Landlord I recently met had not slept in weeks


Four weeks ago, I had a visit from a very troubled Landlord.  He’d had a whopping twelve months of grief with one particular tenant that shared his property with three other tenants


I think it’s fair to say that when he came to my office, he was clearly at his wit’s end with this person.  So much so, he hadn’t slept well in weeks.  He  was feeling extremely stressed and upset by the situation and needed help and action.  Immediately


Now, if you’re a Landlord and you’ve needed a tenant to leave, you’ll know that getting possession of your property can be a complex and costly exercise and can drag on for weeks, even months


After a lengthy consultation, we established an action plan and the Landlord left the office with a clear vision of what would be happening next which gave him some comfort to know that we were getting the ball rolling that very day


Imagine how he felt when on the 10th October, I was able to confirm I had keys in my hand and the tenant had left, following the serving of a Section 8 Notice


Here’s a few words from this Landlord :-


I asked Rob and Sue for advice on how to help me to get a difficult tenant out of my rented property.  They provided excellent advice and supported me throughout the whole process including visits to the property.  All the paperwork provided was correct, very prompt, efficient and up to date. They both understood the law and tenants/landlords rights and responsibilities clearly.  Its a complex area and Rob and Sue understand the business.  I would not hesitate to recommend Stocks as a very professional service.  Mr K. Exmouth

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