Do I Need an HMO Licence?

We’re thinking of letting our house to two couples, does this make the property a “House in Multiple Occupancy?”

The answer is No, and here’s why :-

At the moment, a property housing five or more tenants from separate households only requires a Licence for a House in Multiple Occupancy if there are three or more floors

However, from 1st October, new licensing rules will be enforced which means that all properties housing five or more people from two or more separate households will be required to be licensed


How much does a Licence cost?


Charges vary between districts, some charge a fee of a few hundred pounds and others up to £1000


And if I don’t have a licence?


I’m afraid the fines are UNLIMITED if you are convicted of operating an HMO without a licence


What else do I need to do?


A Licensee is required to produce a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, an Electrical Periodic Inspection Certificate and provide copies of Portable Appliance Test Certificates. Also required is evidence that electronic fire detection, alarm system and emergency lighting systems are checked by a competent person and smoke alarms are installed and serviced.


How big do the rooms need to be?


The new legislation also includes changes for minimum room space in an HMO. This is being introduced in a bid to stop rogue landlords overcrowding and improve health and safety. From 1st October, the minimum bedroom space will be 6.51 square metres for a single bedroom and 10.22 square metres for a double room with two adults. For children aged 10 or under, the room space must be 4.64 square metres or more

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