3 ways to avoid a Deposit Dispute

How can I avoid a deposit dispute?

Your Inventory is AS important as your Tenancy Agreement and is the document that all parties should refer to at the end of a Tenancy

Loaded with furniture or completely empty, an Inventory, supported with photographs is ESSENTIAL.  It gives all parties a true and clear record of the contents AND condition at the beginning of the Tenancy.

Imagine there are damages on check out.  In the absence of an Inventory or any evidence of the condition at check in, how could a dispute be resolved?

Here’s 3 ways to avoid a deposit dispute

  1.  Have an Inventory professionally prepared at the beginning of the Tenancy and signed by all parties


New Tenancy, new inventory, every time.  It’ll save you time, money and worry and it’s the easiest and most effective way to avoid disputes.  Once the document is signed, keep it in a safe place – there’s no point going to all this trouble if your all important inventory can’t be found at the end of the Tenancy


  1. Regular Management Visits


This is the key to good management.  Knowing what’s going on throughout the Tenancy is important.  That way, there won’t be any nasty shocks or surprises on check out.  It’s simple, if you don’t go, how will you know how your Tenancy is running?


  1. Before and After


Any claim needs to be supported with “before and after” photographs to support the case.  At Stocks, we carefully record our findings on visits, all repairs are recorded on our specialised maintenance software and we’re able to produce a case study easily.  How?  Because all the information is at our fingertips!


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