Be different from all the rest

Ever walked into a shop, take a glance around, and walked straight back out again? Been left feeling uninspired, even a little disappointed?
That’s exactly what some prospective tenants do when they view what I call “Beige” properties
Even if the price is right, the property is in a popular area and it sits on the sunny side of the street, walk inside and you’ll see beige carpets, magnolia walls, bare light bulbs and vacant windows. Stroll into the kitchen and you will probably see light beech cabinets and charcoal worktops. Hop on up the stairs to bland bedrooms and a clinically white bathroom with white square tiles
Hear me when I say there’s nothing to dislike, but there’s not much to like either!
Easy to maintain, a neutral blank canvas? Yes
Attractive to prospective Tenants?  Not always

There are hundreds of beige properties for rent and they ALL look and feel the same. I think it’s true to say that some prefer a blank canvas but when you’ve seen five or six in a row and you’re running out of time, finding the right property can start to become a difficult task!
Why not give the property a perky personality, charming character and a seasonal splash of colour?
Don’t offer the same as everyone else.  Be different and  “Stand out from the Crowd!”
Wouldn’t it be great to have the property that everyone wants to rent?