And the Winner is ……………….


We attended the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce Business Awards on Friday Night at Ocean – a fantastic seafront location with the most stunning views. Why did we go? 2 reasons – we were nominated for the Professional Services Award 2017, shortlisted down to the final 3. We also sponsored the Best Small Business Award too

We’re so proud to tell you that we won! To win for the second year running is a fantastic achievement and it’s really special to receive such recognition in Exmouth Town and be nominated for the Professional Services

The four businesses that we sponsored were

Victoria James Estate Agents, The Cake Lady, I NOVA eyelash studio, Accounting on Us

The winner was Helen Buck, Accounting on Us.  Congratulations to Helen and Well done to all Finalists

Renting Minefield!

Extremely informative evening at Flybe Academy – The Renting Minefield – a “no brainer” for Self Managing Landlords.  Bucketfuls of really useful nuggets of knowledge and the low down on the latest legislation.  Organised by Exeter City Council and ARLA.  We’ll keep you posted on the date for the next Event – and guess what ….. it’s FREE for Landlords!

The Landlord’s Guide to Filling Up Your Pockets

The Landlord’s Guide to Filling Up Your Pockets

Whatever line you’re in, it’s getting more and more difficult to hang on to what you earn. With the ever changing landscape for Landlords, it’s no wonder that people are nervous about what the future might bring, especially with the big tax changes that are hitting Landlords and the restrictions on reliefs and allowances

One thing’s for sure – it PAYS to be ahead of the game, stay on top and make sure that your investment is performs at its best. Consistently

When was the last time that you had a complete review of your Investment?

When I say “complete review”, there’s several topics here that I’m talking about

Why not take the time to review the performance of your rental property and look at ways how to keep a hold of your income?

To start with, here are three key areas for you to focus on:-

1 Check your Mortgage Deal

If you’ve not reviewed your existing mortgage lately, you might be paying over the odds. Switching your mortgage product and moving to a new lender could save you a sizeable sum. You might even consider renegotiating a deal with your existing lender. Check when your fixed or discounted rate is coming to an end.  Nothing beats doing the numbers and the savings can be significant!

2 Book a Tax Review

There are BIG tax changes hitting Landlords and it’s highly recommended you talk to a tax expert to see what this means for you. Almost a third of Landlords are unaware of the changes but 70% will be affected!  Almost half a million landlords are now forced into the higher tax bracket by paying tax on turnover, rather than profit. With the tax landscape changing for Landlords, restrictions on Mortgage Interest Relief, Wear & Tear Allowance and Higher Rate Stamp Duty Land Tax, a Tax Expert can show you exactly what you need to do to stay on top of your game

3 Review your Energy Performance Certificate

Yes, there’s more changes ahead with regard to energy efficiency in the rental sector. By 2018, it will be illegal to offer a property to let unless the EPC rating meets an E rating or above. If your rental property has a rating of F or G, you need to consider ways in which you can improve the specification. Talk to an Energy Assessor and ask advice on which steps you can take to meet the required rating. It is proposed that by 2020, the minimum rating of E will apply to existing tenancies. Of course, some exemptions will apply to listed buildings or for properties where the cost of works would devalue the property.   Suggestions have also been made to increase the minimum rating to D in 2025 and then again to C by 2030.

You can download the Energy Performance Certificate for your property at by entering the post code


Some More Ways to Hang On To Your Hard Earned Cash!

I think it’s true to say that we’d all rather not spend time reading small print but when you’re renting a property to a tenant, this is the MOST important aspect – it’s the attention to detail that’s going to save you time & money – before, during and after the Tenancy has ended


The Importance of an Inventory

By having a signed Inventory in your possession from day 1, you’ll avoid loss of time and money in the event of a claim or dispute at the end of the Tenancy. Your Inventory is your evidence – it’s a true and fair statement of contents and condition of how the property was handed over to the tenant. The more information on your Inventory, the better.

As with a Tenancy Agreement, it’s an excellent idea to have an Inventory professionally prepared – I guarantee it will be worth every penny if things go pear shaped!

Talking of Tenancy Agreements…

When was the last time you reviewed the rent? You may only increase the rent every twelve months but often time rolls by and before you know it, two years have passed by and the rental value has moved on and you’ve lost income

If you’ve a tenancy that’s been running for some time and you’ve put in place a rent increase, it’s well worth renewing the Tenancy to reflect the new rental amount whilst also looking at the term of the Tenancy. Think about the term you are offering, your future plans and the financial security you’re seeking

Management Visits

When was the last time you or your Agent made a visit to the property?

You might be thinking that you don’t need to – the rent comes in on time, your tenants never bother you.

Think again. Ever thought that maybe your tenants don’t want you to visit? How will you know the condition of the property if you or your Agent don’t make regular visits? Have they gained a pet? They may even by sub-letting. Without regular visits, you won’t know what’s really going on


Remember, regular visits can also prevent deposit disputes. A dispute at the end of a Tenancy can be extremely time consuming, upsetting and stressful. If you can pick up a problem mid Tenancy, it’s far easier to rectify than trying to deal with something that’s had time to escalate

Protect what you’ve got coming in

You might want to think about Rent & Legal Cover if you’ve not got it in place. Peace of mind which will keep your money coming in if your Tenant doesn’t pay the rent

Tenancy Health Check

At Stocks, we offer a FREE Tenancy Health Check – all you need to do is gather your paperwork together and book a call with me at a time that suits you – easy!

Call me on 01395 222365 to discuss ways to have more money in your pocket!